Motivation Monday: Make a Difference with Positive Acknowledgment

Motivation Monday: Make a Difference with Positive Acknowledgment

Take 1 minute out of your day to tell someone “Who They Are Makes A Difference” to you!

1.  Recognition Professionals International – Site built for “Employee Appreciation Day” (the first Friday of March), this website bases their ideas on employees and what companies can do for their employees.  They also include other articles and other recognition tips.

2.  About.comSite provides links to more websites that have specific recommendations, tips and ideas for employee recognition.

3.  Difference Makers InternationalSite which provides a unique way to make a difference for your employees.

4.  GovLeaders.orgSite provides discussions covering the issues some employee recognition programs may have.  Also provides PDF templates of certificates that could be used as a part of an employee recognition program.

5.  101 Different Ways to Recognize Employees – List Click Here

Share your Knowledge: & Comment Below: What are other ways to show your appreciation?

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