Facebook: Are You Using It The Wrong Way?

Facebook: Are You Using it the Wrong Way?

As a business how are you using Facebook? I hope your answer is “YES”

Is it benefiting your business or wasting your time? I hope your answer is “BENEFITING”

Be honest, do you understand it? Ok, maybe not…

Here are 5 CRUCIAL things you will learn about Facebook in this 9 minute video: To Watch CLICK HERE

  1. How to use the “opportunity economy” to build your business
  2. Where the opportunities are for selling indirectly on social media
  3. How to get more out of your internal communications with a centralized control structure
  4. Why you need to invest in actively maintaining your Facebook page
  5. Why you need to go where your customers already are

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Susie Japs

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Susie Japs is a successful Organization Development Strategist in San Diego, CA and the founder of Wejungo™ Network. Susie created the Wejungo™ Network to build the capacity of entrepreneurs and small businesses through the sharing of knowledge and collaboration among individuals wishing to continually develop and uncover new possibilities for their business.

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